Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Refinished Side Table


My husband found this cute little side table at the Goodwill for $14.99.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture, but it wasn’t in bad shape.  It is mostly made of hardwood, but with a little laminate along the bottom shelf edge.  I started off by sanding the whole piece, except for the laminate shelf siding.  I wasn’t too worried about the sides and the legs because I knew that I would be painting them white.  I used a medium grade sand paper and removed all of the old paint from the top.  I used two coats of Mirawax in Cherry leftover from another project and two coats of polyurethane that cost about $6.00.  The white is Rustoleum brand which cost me around $9.00. I used a paint brush to apply the stain and white paint to the top and sides, but used a roller along the shelf to avoid brush marks.  This was the first project that I used a polyurethane and I did not realize that it would dry with a yellow tint.  I made the mistake of using it on my white portion, so I had to do an additional coat of white to get rid of it.  You live, you learn…

I love the two tone look!  The existing hardware looked great so I kept it.  Here it is in my living room (a work in project).


I found the lamp at Target and the little blue bird, I found at Michael’s.  I had originally bought it for my powder room but decided that it looked better out in the living room to help bring in more color.

IMG_0597 copy

I can’t help but in enjoy my little table and really enjoy the finally price around $30.00!


Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


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