Friday, December 31, 2010

Ornament Storage Box

It's New Year's Eve!  I'm hoping that 2011 brings us another great year of creativity!  In my household, it means that I'm beyond ready to pack up the Christmas decorations and to stuff the tree up the chimbly (chimbly or perhaps the box we store it in)!  I'm starting to get quite the collection of ornaments and needed a better way to store them, so brainstorm....this is what I came up with.  

With a husband who tends bar, I have access to a large quantity of 6-pack drink carriers, so use what you've got, right?  I used my jumbo pack of My Mind's Eye Christmas paper and Modge Podge (love it).  And of course, I had to use my Silhouette to help make it pretty.
So, now my trimmings and trappings are ready to be stored away in a cute and inexpensive holder!  Each holder can hold six large ornaments or more smaller ones.  I did modge podge a piece of cardboard to the bottom to keep the container from collapsing. 

And here is a picture of my Kitty Cat, just because.  My friend Brooke said I needed to put up a picture of her on my blog.  She is getting to big, too fast.  I'm loving her little pigtails!

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  1. Cute storage for those special ornaments that you want to make sure are well protected.

  2. Erin, I really like the new design on your blog. It looks really nice. Hope you had a great Christmas and that you will be having a happy new year. Katelynn looks so cute in this picture.

  3. Same here in my house! All of our stuff gets packed on NYE so we start the year off nice and clean (and tree needle free)!


  4. That is a great way to keep them organized.


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