Monday, December 20, 2010

Patterned Paper Christmas Trees

In a wave of creativity, I came up with concept for these easy patterned paper trees.  With help from Bev at Make Good Cheer, this was the final product. 

Here is a list of supplies you'll need:

- 9 x 5/16 in wooden dowel
- 1.5 in diameter wooden spool
- Patterned cardstock of your choice
- Fast drying adhesive (I used Ranger's Glossy Accents)
- Distressing ink
- Paint in the color of your choosing (I used Delta Ceramcoat in Candy Bar, Bronze, Light Ivory & Gold)
- Self-adhesive non-skid felt pads
- Ribbon

If you have the Silhouette machine, you can use the file here.  You will need two of each size except for the top piece (the piece without the center circle cut out). 

If you don't have a Silhouette machine, you will need to start out by cutting out 1- 2.5" circle, 2- 3" circles, 2- 3.5" circles, 2- 4" circles, and 2 - 4.5" circles.  The 2.5" in circle will be the top of your tree.  You will need to cut a small triangle section out of this circle (approximately 1/8 of the circle).  For the remaining 8 circles you will need to cut out a small inner circle approximately 1/3 of inch in diameter.  Then cut the triangle section out of the circle (about 1/8).  You end result should like the image to the right.  Once you have cut out your circles, use a distressing ink around the edges.

Paint the dowel the color of your choice.  I chose Candy Bar with Bronze blotted over the top.  Allow to dry.  The spool will be your base.  I painted mine in Light Ivory and flecked Gold and Candy Bar over it.  Use your quick drying adhesive to secure your dowel into the center of the spool.  If your dowel is loose, wrap a small piece of cardstock around it before gluing it into the spool.  Allow the adhesive to set.

Once your dowel is dry, you are ready to secure your circles.  With the 2.5" circle form a cone and secure with adhesive.  Glue the cone to the top of your dowel. You can now glue the remaining circles to the dowel starting with the 3" circles.  To do this, apply your adhesive to one edge of your cut out triangle and around the inner circle.  Wrap your paper circle around the dowel to form a cone.  The cone should fit snuggly around the dowel.  Hold till dry.  You may need to apply some extra adhesive above and below the inner circle to hold it in place on the dowel.  You can space them out as much as you would like.  I left approximately 1/2'' in between each.  You can add more circles if you want a fuller tree.

To complete the tree, tie a ribbon around the spool and apply the self adhesive felt to the bottom of the spool. 


  1. These were fun to make. I added a gold start to the top of mine.

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    Happy holidays!

  5. So whimsical! Cute! I came from A silly little sparrow:)

    ~jan at

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