Saturday, December 18, 2010

Custom Beer Glasses

My dad is a home beer maker.  He gets together with a friend monthly to brew a keg.  I thought that the perfect gift for him would be to etch beer glasses with the names of a few beers he's brewed.  It's very easy once you get the hang of it.  To start, wash your glasses and make sure they are free of finger prints.  You'll need to find adhesive vinyl lettering or stencils.  I used the Silhouette machine to cut out the names I wanted. 
If you don't have a personal cutting maching that cuts vinyl, you can find glass etching stencils at craft store such as Michaels. Using transfer tape will keep your smaller pieces in place and help ensure flat placement. 

Center your stencil on your glass.  It can be difficult to change the placement of your stencil on your glass, so take your time placing it.   Remove the transfer paper and you are left with your ready to use stencil.  Make sure all areas of your stencil are flat on the glass so that the etching cream does not seep under it.
Generously apply your etching cream to the stencil using a foam brush or make up sponge.  

Wait 10-15 minutes, depending on the etching cream instructions.  After 15 minutes, wash the stencil off in running water and your done!


  1. These look so nice, I can't wait to try some etching. You made it look so easy! Renee'

  2. The transfer tape is key in getting a good result. I tried without the transfer tape and couldn't get the stencil to lay flat. Good luck!


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