Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Goals and Blog Redesign

I resolve not to make a New Year's Resolution.  Instead, I think I will make some goals to become a little more complete.  It appears that this is a very popular concept throughout the blogosphere and I have enjoyed reading everyone's list.  Here are my plans for 2011...
  1. Use my bread machine!!
  2. Make jam (according to the label on said bread machine, it can make jam) 
  3. Learn to sew (already started on an apron I can wear when making jam in bread machine)
  4. Scrapbook more frequently...(maybe I can do a page on making jam) I think I might try a monthly plan, ie. for January work on pages from January's past
  5. Become more patient with children (going from one to two has been a little trying)
  6. Go on more dates with my husband!
  7. Potty train Mister Mister
  8. Start working on obtaining my bachelor's degree in Nursing!
Well, I guess that is a good start.  Also, I redesigned my blog today.  I made my first background and header.  I finally put my Adobe photoshop to use!  I like it and hope you do too!  Thanks for coming to my blog and checking it out!

From my family to yours....Happy New Year!! 


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