Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Refinished Side Table


My husband found this cute little side table at the Goodwill for $14.99.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture, but it wasn’t in bad shape.  It is mostly made of hardwood, but with a little laminate along the bottom shelf edge.  I started off by sanding the whole piece, except for the laminate shelf siding.  I wasn’t too worried about the sides and the legs because I knew that I would be painting them white.  I used a medium grade sand paper and removed all of the old paint from the top.  I used two coats of Mirawax in Cherry leftover from another project and two coats of polyurethane that cost about $6.00.  The white is Rustoleum brand which cost me around $9.00. I used a paint brush to apply the stain and white paint to the top and sides, but used a roller along the shelf to avoid brush marks.  This was the first project that I used a polyurethane and I did not realize that it would dry with a yellow tint.  I made the mistake of using it on my white portion, so I had to do an additional coat of white to get rid of it.  You live, you learn…

I love the two tone look!  The existing hardware looked great so I kept it.  Here it is in my living room (a work in project).


I found the lamp at Target and the little blue bird, I found at Michael’s.  I had originally bought it for my powder room but decided that it looked better out in the living room to help bring in more color.

IMG_0597 copy

I can’t help but in enjoy my little table and really enjoy the finally price around $30.00!


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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Refinished Bed Frame

We decided it was time to move my daughter out of her converted toddler bed into a big kid bed.  I have been keeping my eye out for a bedframe for her new bed and found a cute one at my local Goodwill for $29.00.



I loved the detailing on the bed.  I thought it was super girly for my little lady.  It is particle board with a laminate finish.  This is my first time working with something with a laminate so I searched the web for some tutorials.  There are a lot of great ones out there. 

To start, I scrubbed the bed down using a little soapy water to ensure a clean work surface.  I then used a smooth roller to apply two coats of Zinsser.  It’s the oil-based primer.  This is the product I got at Home Depot.  It is just under $9 for a quart.


The great thing about this product is that it doesn’t require you sand your project and can help to cover any funky smells that older furniture can have.  After allowing the primer to completely dry, I used Rustoleum spray paint in Jade to paint the frame.  I do have to say that I wasn’t super happy with the coverage I got with the spray paint.  I decided to use spray paint instead of painting with roller because of the detailing.  I think that there probably is a learning curve to applying spray paint evenly.  So I wouldn’t recommend using it for a large project until you have mastered the technique.  I think it works for my daughter’s bed because of the color and the use so I am happy with it. 


The bedding is from the Circo line at Target.  The name is Love n’ Nature.


Don’t you love the beautiful artwork on the wall behind the bed? We specifically put her bed up against this wall to try and hide the “art.”  I’ll get around to painting when I know both of the kiddos are out of this phase.


Loving her “princess” bed!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Life This Summer…

This summer has flown by!  What’s new for this family?  We finally finished our back yard!  It’s been a long process since we were doing it all ourselves.

IMG_0070 copy

Last spring my husband built a paver patio.  The ground here in Nevada can be very hard so the excavation was very back breaking.  He did a great job, being that it was his first time doing it!  This spring he laid a sprinkler system and laid the sod.  It is so nice for the kids to be able to go out and play in the backyard.  I can also say that my floors have looked much better without the dog trailing in so much dirt.

My contribution to the backyard was two garden boxes I built with my parents help.  They were very easy to build.  We made them out of 2 x 6 planks.  They are 4’ x 6’ in size and have been perfect for starting my first garden.  We also extended the drip line to keep them watered. 

Here are a few pictures of my first bounty!



The zucchini took over the garden! I am having a major problem with squash bugs so I have taken out two of the zucchini plants. 


The kids and I found this little guy hanging out in the zucchini plants.  We’ve found him a couple more times throughout the summer. 



Besides our completion of the backyard, I have finished refurbishing some Goodwill finds (pictures to follow), celebrated Aiden’s 5th birthday, my hubby’s birthday, and my BIG 3-0!  I’m not exactly thrilled yet.  I took 3 weeks of work off to adjust!  I’m working on a list of personal goals for my thirties and am trying to decide on a one word theme to represent my goals.  I’ll get back to you on that one…

Tune back in for my furniture reveals!


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