Saturday, November 9, 2013

Calendar Activities



Hi, welcome back!  I hope you enjoyed my Thanksgiving Countdown calendar. I realized after my post yesterday, how much dust was on the table beneath these tags!  Oh my, time to break out some dusting spray. 

My children are 3 and 5, so these activities were created with them in mind.  You could easily adapt them for any age.  Here is a list of some the activities I used:

1. For Our Eyes- Watch a special Thanksgiving show together

2. We are kind to others- Think of something fun to do/give to others

3. For Our Teeth- Go to the dentist to keep our teeth healthy

4. For Good Food- Go the grocery store and pick out a food you haven’t tried

5. For Our Car-Go on a special outing

6. For Our Country- Recite the pledge of allegiance

7. For the Seasons- Go out and explore the falling leaves

8. For Our House- Play a cleaning game

9. For Turkeys- Make paper turkeys

10. For Our Cousins- Draw a picture and send it to our cousins

11. For Pies- Bake and deliver pies to people

12. For Our Soldiers- Send leftover Halloween candy to our troops

13. For Our Legs- Go outside and run and jump

14. For Books- Read some Thanksgiving books

15. For Our Computer- Send an email to someone we love

16. For Our Ears- Play some fun music

17. For Our Toys- Take some of the toys we haven’t been playing with to Goodwill to give to other kids

18. For Our Heavenly Father- Go on a nature walk and notice all of God’s creations

19. For Our Brother- Do something nice for our brother and be extra nice to him all day

20. For Pictures- Take a family picture

21. For Our Grandparents- Call them and tell them “I love you”

22. For Our Sister- Do something nice for our sister and be extra nice to her all day

23. For Daddy- Do something nice for daddy and be extra nice to him all day

24. For Each Other- Play a game together

25. For Our Hands- Do some finger painting

26. For Mommy- Do something nice for mommy and be extra nice to her all day

27. For Our Kitchen- Bake something fun together in the kitchen

28. For Our Friends- Make a special visit to some friends

29. For Prayer- Say a prayer before Thanksgiving dinner thanking God for all we have.


Well, thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!  I hope that you, too, can find these many blessings in your lives!


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