Saturday, March 31, 2012

First Attempt...Dress Making

Pintrest has unleashed a monster in really!  I was already one to get excited for a new project, a new hobby, a new attempt at something.  Now that Pinterest is arround, not only do I waste hours at a time, but I also find too many ideas and projects floating around in my mind.  I have many projects in the works right now.  Let's see....subway art (started), Pottery-barn inspired work station (started), custom faceplate clock (started), various scrapbooking projects (started), Easter/spring decorations (started, probably to be finished after Easter), multiple plans for decorative pillows....and the list goes on!  Let's just say I love to be creating and love starting new projects!  Pinterest has me wanting to build my own furniture and paint my kitchen cabinents (now have my husband wondering if I'm finally losing it.)  I'm also in the process of going back to school; an idea that has me fluctuating from excited to dreading.  Well, enough of that.  I thought I would show you one of my projects in the works.  This was my first attempt at sewing a girl's dress for Katie.  I followed the pattern and it looks great on the hanger.

However, the fit is not so great on my little girl.  She looks like she needed to be an oompa loompa for it to fit.  It's a little short, easily fixed by adding a cute pair of shorts.  The width of it is a whole other issue.  It's very wide, so I'm planning on taking out the side seam and bring it in two inches or so for a better fit.  I'm hoping it's done in time for her to wear this year!  Better go get working on busting that seam!

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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