Monday, March 3, 2014

Planked wall and lots of progress


A lot has been going on in this house lately, just not a lot of blogging.  School is back in full force for me and I am determined to keep it in high gear.  The hubby and I have been doing a lot to our house in the meantime.  I love all of the planked walls popping up throughout the blogging world and Pinterest.  We decided to make a feature wall using this style.

I followed a method similar to The House of Smiths.  They give a great tutorial of how they created this look.  I also used the underlayment and had Home Depot cut it in strips of 6”.  I will say that this did not always create the straightest cuts on my strips.  

We purchased this Ryobi Air Strike brad nailer for the project.  I have already found other uses for it and find it was a great purchase.

I learned a lot on this project and know now what I would have done differently.  My seam does not lie in the center of the wall and I was not able to achieve a seamless look.  I would now pay better attention to the centering of the seam.  You live, you learn.  Did the wall turn out perfectly? No.  Would I go back and change it now? No.  Its not perfect, but then again neither am I and so it is fitting.  I still absolutely love it and the impact it had on the room.


A work in progress…I’ll be back with more pictures of the changes going in on in our home!


Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!


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